Slimline Rainwater Tanks for your Garden, Fenceline, or Home.

Revolutionising Water Tanks in New Zealand since 2013.

As Seen on My Dream Green Home

Slimline Rain Water Tanks – Stormwater Retention – Detention

500L Thin Tank

L 1200mm x H 1200mm x W 400mm

1000L Thin Tank

L 2400mm x H 1850mm x W 260mm

2000L (INTL) Thin Tank

L 2400mm x H 1970mm x W 470mm

3000L (NZ) Thin Tank

L 2950mm x H 2170mm x W 560mm

3000L (AU) Thin Tank

L 2920mm x H 1970mm x W 580mm

4000L Thin Tank

L 2920mm x H 1970mm x W 750mm

5000L Thin Tank

L 2950mm x H 2170mm x W 880mm

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The Latest Innovation In Slimline Poly Rainwater Tanks.

Our rainwater storage tanks are aesthetically pleasing. Designed to suit any location and can be positioned easily:

  • Alongside a fence.
  • Our Slimline Rainwater tanks can be placed against a house wall (1000L only 260mm wide / 2000L 480mm wide)
  • Use our Slimline Tanks to form an internal courtyard.
  • To screen off the back yard.
  • Our Slimline Rainwater Storage Tanks are New Zealand/Australian Made – manufactured from 100% U.V. stabilised, food grade polyethylene.
  • Seismic and Wind strength resistance tested – New Zealand Structural Engineers Producer Statements available.

Thin Tanks is about innovation, research and development.

The thought of having to install a circular rainwater tank in the backyard of a modern home led to the conclusion there was a need for a more environmentally appealing solution.

The obvious answer was to make a rainwater tank that looked like a fence. Once the decision was made, it automatically followed that the tank is made as thin as possible.

Thin Tanks complies with AS/NZ 4766-2006 from a structural perspective.

Hence the name Thin Tanks

The design decision was to somehow duplicate the appearance of a fence. The result was the 1000 Litre Thin Tank with fence columns between each tank using more than one water tank as a dividing fence. Defining the shape, size and appearance was the vision of an inventive qualified civil engineer, Peter Snelling, with 50 years experience in plastics and water treatment, who has been a part of, and an inspiration to this continuing innovation of Thin Tanks.

Designing and manufacturing the product to meet these criteria required far more technical inspiration, time and financial commitment.

In 2007 the successful 1000 Litre Thin Tank was launched into the Australian market. This success led to the development of the 2,000 Litre Thin Tank which has become the most popular size among the range.

  • In October 2012 the 3,000 Litre was designed, manufactured and launched to add another fantastic size tank.
  • In 2016 the 3,000 & 5,000 Litre Thin Tanks were designed for NZ.
  • In 2020 the 4,000 Litre Thin Tank came into production to meet the needs of the ever-growing regulatory demand for residential rainwater tanks to meet any residential home need. It is still a slender 750mm wide and the Silver Winner in
    (Sustainable Living/Residential Sustainable Design at the 2020 International Design Awards in Los Angeles, California)

Our latest Thin Tank is a 500 Litre which is a new good seller, fitting under a standard size window and easily transported in the back of a ute.

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Available in a range of colours, selected to complement all exterior environments!

Mist Green
River Gum
Smooth Cream
Birch Grey
Heritage Green
Heritage Red
Mountain Blue
Slate Grey
Surf Mist
Light Grey
Dark Grey

* The colours of the thin tanks depicted above may not necessarily represent the described colour in real life. This is due to differences in visual display, colour temperature, and brightness/contrast settings as indicated on your end. These are shown as most accurate and should be enjoyed as only a guide. To enjoy the most stunning realistic version, get one installed near your garden today.

By adding thinpots to thintanks, you can create tanks that grow!

The Thinpot vertical garden system has been specifically designed to suit the 1000 & 2000 litre Thintanks.

Thinpots are designed to hang on the front of the Thintanks by clipping directly onto the irrigation pipe that is supported by concealed clips inserted into the cross wall connection voids in the Thintanks.

Thinpots Vertical Garden System have a penetration at the top and in the middle of the pot to allow for an irrigation dripper to be installed and have two small drainage holes in the bottom.


Pot Colours

Thinpots are available in the following colours which can be used with any of the 12 colours that the 1000 and 2000 litre Thintanks are available in.

Slate Grey
Surf Mist

Outdoor Week in season 5 of The Block saw Niki and Tiff choose a Thin Tank with Thin Pots to help get their 5 Star Eco Rating

Thin Tank Vertical Garden Package

  • 1 x 1000L Thin Tank
  • 35 x Thin pots
  • 2 x Steel Posts
  • Hooks & Pipe

* if required can quote on full irrigation system/pump